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B.P.R.D. Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth B.P.R.D. by Mike Mignola
Story by Mike Mignola
Christopher Golden and
Tom Sniegoski
Pencils by Ryan Sook
Inks by Ryan Sook and
Curtis Arnold
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Clem Robins

Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola

Left to Right: Roger, the 500-year-old Humunculus created by a 15th Century alchemist,
Abraham (Abe) Sapien found by B.P.R.D. & rescued by Hellboy,
and Johann Krause psychic with no body only his essence, his soul remains in his suit.

Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
"Established in 1944 by the late Professor Trevor Bruttenholm and an international collective
in response to Nazi---and later Soviet---occult experiments. Its function in the present is to monitor,
investigate, and contain supernatural events worldwide." (Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola)

Elizabeth (Liz) Sherman went to the Ural Mountains above the Arctic Circle to get control of the fire in her.

Kate Corrigan, Director of Field Operations, went to see Abe Sapien on the B.P.R.D.'s Director's request to make sure Abe was not leaving B.P.R.D. like Hellboy recently did.

Abe knows Kate Corrigan. He knows they are only "business" friends.

Kate told Abe about Johann Krause's storey. Johann, was a "physical medium." "Kraus was out of body when the Chengdou Disaster hit. His ectoplasmic projection had nothing to come back to . . . " Johann was able to keep himself together until the B.P.R.D. scientists could make a suit that would hold his essence.

Liz left B.P.R.D. two years ago. Hellboy recently left and since then Abe feels like he and Roger are alone and that B.P.R.D. has just become a cooperation. Abe is also angry because B.P.R.D. put a bomb in Roger. Roger is a 500-year-old homunculus. Unfortunately, Roger killed Bud Waller and did something to Liz. ? The "powers that be" at B.P.R.D. regret the bomb incident with Roger and now are more sympathetic to him. Kate Corrigan just wants Abe to stay with B.P.R.D.

Liz shouted out to Abe in a vision through a wall of fire that she is in a very dark, very cold place and she needs his help. Abe's room was set on fire by Liz's cry for help. Corrigan said she knows where Liz is located. The B.P.R.D. has tabs on Liz. Abe really does not like the B.P.R.D. keeping "tabs" on anyone.

Johann, Abe and Roger are flying out to where the B.P.R.D. says that Liz is located. This is Johann's first mission.

The team discovered all of the monks where Liz had stayed were now dead. They found Liz, sort of, her body is there but her soul, her being is not. Liz's body was warm but there was no heart beat.

Abe found a dead rock-like, monkey-man creature. They discovered an open fissure into the earth. Johann touched the dead creature and used his unique abilities to raise up the dead man to talk about Liz and what and who he was. The dead man told them an evil has Liz and is using her spark to "scorch the world."

Roger's ability is to absorb energy so he touched the dead man and learned that Liz is indeed with the evil. With the "King of Fear."

Kate stayed with the helicopter after all she is the Director of Field Operations.

Abe, Johann and Roger took Liz's body and they repelled down into the fissure. Johann asked Abe if he misses Hellboy. Abe recalls that after days of B.P.R.D. testing him in a canister, Hellboy rescued him and brought him out of his prison.

They rested Liz's entombed body and took a break. Suddenly they were attacked by the rocklike monkey men but they are not as mentally developed as the dead man they had discovered above the fissure. These guys were much more archaic and they were scared easily.

The team reached a giant cavern. Here they discovered ancient machines that were devised by the "evil hand." They also discovered a Nazi submarine. The Nazi came here to enlist the aid of the "secret masters." The Nazis were killed here.

Corrigan radioed for assistance as contact with the Team had been terminated.

As the team travels through cavern after cavern full of ancient machines, Abe says, ". . . those legends about the earth being hollow are true."

Johann thinks these machines have been recently renovated.

New creatures arrived with weapons and large teeth. Through the confusion the "evil" appears. Also Liz's ghostly image begs everyone to stay away, she doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore.

Liz remembers her first contact with Hellboy. He wasn't afraid of her.

The guns didn't help beat the creatures away so the team started to run. They continued through caverns and a blast provided from Abe set the creatures scurrying away from the team. The caverns held an abundance of ancient war machines.

They found the essence of Liz contained in a giant box and she was starting to burn up. Roger said he could pull her out of the fire and Johann would try to calm her. The evil orders the monkey-men to start the machines and he intended to use Liz's spark.

After the machines started, there was a large explosion, the team was flattened but not damaged. Roger pulled all the energy from the ancient's explosion and reached for Liz's image. Explosions continued as the machines continued to start and the evil was crushed into the falling debris.

Liz became herself and the wind from the destruction pushed the team out of the vast caverns and up through adjacent caverns. They flew out of the earth and found themselves popped out in the Scottish Highlands.

The chopper picked them up and Abe asked Liz if she was going to stay at B.P.R.D. She said yes, she needed "a little fun."

Liz thanked Abe for finding her and Abe said, "No problem. No problem at all."

Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Only Business
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Liz Sherman's body only.
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Caverns with ancient machines and more caverns.
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Rock-like monkey men only not quite as smart as the dead one at the fissure.
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Big teeth & smarter!
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Liz's mind and soul are trapped in this mechanical receptacle.
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
Wind Power
Hollow Earth by Mike Mignola
"No problem at all."
Review of BPRD's Hollow Earth
by Brenda Krekeler
Hollow Earth is an excellent comic! Not only do we get to see the best of Abe Sapien but the character's of Roger and Johann Kraus make the story standupable. We don't get a chance to see much of Liz Sherman but what we do get to experience is Liz at her finest! I really like the idea that the team went down into the earth to find Liz. The interesting aspects of the Hollow Earth is fascinating. The geology was great fun and of couse the monsters were the best of B.P.R.D. Not extremely detailed but GREAT FUN !

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