B.P.R.D. Killing Ground

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B.P.R.D. Killing Ground #2
B.P.R.D. Killing Ground #2 Cover

B.P.R.D. Killing Ground

Issue #2 of 5
September 2007
Story by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi
Art by Guy Davis
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Clem Robins


Daimio sketched some Asian writings on a piece of paper, set fire to it and placed it in an Asian urn.

Johann was again rejected by Kate and she scolded him for not completing his work.  Daimio and Abe were discussing their newest resident while Abe installed some camera equipment to keep an eye on it. 

It was almost midnight and Kate couldn’t find Johann anywhere.  He had taken a jeep and was flying down the mountain into town.

Liz had more nightmares where she continued to be attacked by monsters.  The Asian man came to her in her nightmare and said, “Now you see… the enormity of it.”  Kate said what he showed her was all too much and she couldn’t deal with it.  The Asian man  told Kate he would make things right for her.

Liz couldn’t sleep so she went to visit with Panya and her kitty. 

Outside the Colorado Headquarters, the Dorne’s hijacker, was breaking into the complex.

The Asian man that Daimio has requested, appeared in his room.  Daimio was not there so he followed what he thought was Daimio’s scent.

The garbage men were working overtime discarding the refuse left by Johann’s food.

The hijacker was making his way further into the complex.

Panya told Liz she reminded her of herself when she was a young girl when she had received her first kitty.  In Panya’s dreams her father came and scolded her but it turned out not to be her father but the Ghost of Akhenaten.  Liz fell asleep resting her head on Panya’s bed.  Panya knew Liz was going to need her rest for the coming events.

The Asian man continued to search for Daimio but all he found was the monster who had escaped its cage.  The monster ate the Asian man.  Abe found Daimio in the steam room and announced there was trouble.

Abe, Daimio and Kate inspected the bloodied remains of several humans including that of Daimio’s Asian friend.  They tried to reach Johann but he did not answer his cell.  He had met some girls at the Shaney’s Boot Scootin’ Roadhouse and he was having a great time!

Employees of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
Liz wants to make Panya as happy as possible and when Panya requested a "kitty" Liz got her one.
Abe is installing cameras to monitor their new "guest."  Kate is angry because she can't find Johann.
Johann is off to town to find some female company who wants to be with him.
Famous words, "There is trouble."