B.P.R.D. Killing Ground

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B.P.R.D. Killing Ground #5
B.P.R.D. Killing Ground #5 Cover

B.P.R.D. Killing Ground

Issue #5 of 5
December 2007
Story by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi
Art by Guy Davis
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Clem Robins


The patrol discovered the Daimio-monster has escaped.  Kate orders them to establish a perimeter and keep it patrolled. 

Kate and Johann look at the body that Johann had inhabited.  Johann is extremely upset because he was able to eat and taste food with his new body.  He could smell and feel hot showers and he could enjoy female companionship.  Now he was just a ghost again.

Liz is finally talking and she is telling Panya everything.

Johann inhabits his previous body now dead and pulls the spirits out of the dead hijacker and Daimio’s Asian friend. 

The hijacker identified himself as Manuel Antonio Chaves.  He says he came to the B.P.R.D. to save their lives.  He told Johann that he had served with Captain Daimio on a Bolivian extraction operation.  Manuel was told that his unit had been attacked by something and Manuel was the only survivor.  Two years later he saw Eric Polanco who was in his unit and obviously was not dead.  Eric told Manuel about his nightmares.  They were the same nightmares Manuel had as well.  Eric told Manuel that two weeks ago he woke up and his bed was soaked with blood but it was not his blood.

Manuel couldn’t get the marines or doctors to tell him anything.  He found a retired army colonel in Bolivia who was willing to talk to Manuel and Eric.

The army colonel said the rumor was that their unit was attacked by a jaguar spirit and that the ones who survived the attack were cursed.

That night, Manuel saw Eric Polanco turn into a monster.  Manuel thought it was just another nightmare but the next morning Eric Polanco was gone.  The army colonel and Manuel went out into the jungle.  The monster A.K.A. Eric Polanco attacked them and killed the colonel.  Before the colonel died he told Manuel to go to Huayna in the hills.

Manuel found Huayna.  Huayna said, “Polanco had become what Huayna called an ‘Emissary’ of the Jaguar God - -Half-Human, Half-Demon.  And it was fulfilling its only objective.  It killed every human it could find that was not an anointed member of the cult of the Jaguar.”  Huayna made Manuel invisible to the monster and he learned how to track and kill these monsters.  To kill these monsters, they had to be in transition from their human to monster form and they must be made weak by fire.  A special blade must be used to cut off their heads.  Huayna told Manuel there was one more surviving monster so he must keep the blade and kill Captain Daimio.

Daimio’s Asian friend then spoke.  The Asian friend gave Daimio treatments every month to contain whatever the evil was that was in Daimio.  Daimio called his friend earlier than usual this month.  When the Asian friend arrived at Daimio’s quarters he searched for Daimio but found the monster instead.  He witnessed the monster kill two people, dive into the pool and come out of the pool as Captain Daimio.

Johann released the spirits of Manuel and Daimio’s Asian friend.  Kate said at least they know how exactly to kill the monster now.  Abe does not think it will be easy to kill the monster because he knows Ben is an innocent victim in this.  Johann said he would not have any trouble at all killing the monster.  They all know that Ben was the one who helped get the Wendigo out of its cage. 

Captain Ben Daimio is rising out of the snow covered with a blanket of sorts.  He is being called.  “ Woooooooo.  Wooooooo.”  Ben turns around and is face to face with the Wendigo. 

The end of Killing Ground.



Employees of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
Kate has no sympathy regarding Johann's loss of his human body.
Johann tries to explain what he has lost.
The story of how the monsters is told by Manuel Antonio Chaves.  He explains how Ben's life changed.  Manuel Antonio Chaves tells us this story after his death with the assistance of Johann and his special skills.
We learn there is one more monster left that Manuel Antonio Chaves must kill.