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Dead of Night
featuring Man-Thing

Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing

The Cool Dark: Part One
April 2008

The Dark Lady: Part Two
May 2008
No Such Thing: Part Three
June 2008
Dread Reckoning: Part Four
July 2008

The Cool Dark

Dead of Night #1 Cover

Roderick Krupp, a.k.a. Digger, works at the cemetery digging graves and telling stories.  He tells us this story has been around awhile but he has a special way of telling it like you have never heard before.

In the swamps of Citrusville, Florida we find Ted Sallis.  He is a biologist/chemist originally from Omaha, Nebraska.  Now he is working on a secret formula to recreate a super-soldier serum that was lost in WWII.  Apparently, there are several other scientists working on the same project located all over the world. 

He is interrupted by his soon-to-be bride, Ellen Brandt, wanting more action than Ted is willing to participate in.  He has his priority and he is close to completing his assignment.  Eric Schist interrupts Ellen and Ted.  Eric makes a rude remark about the lack of clothes Ellen is wearing and Ted loudly reminds Eric they are now engaged to be married.

Late that night, Ted takes a break outside with a cigar.  He hears some growling noises coming from the shed and investigates and finds several humanoid monsters chained to the floor.  In comes Eric announcing to Ted that he has been experimenting on some people who lived in the swamp using Ted serum.  Then Eric tells Ted that Ted is working for the same people Eric is, A.I.M.  Ted thinks he had been working for the government all this time.  Now he finds out he had just been a pawn for A.I.M. 

Ted knocks Eric out, runs back to his office and gathers all of his research data.  His intentions are to go to someone in Washington DC and try to get help and not get caught by the terrorist at A.I.M.  Ellen pulls a gun on Ted announcing she is also an employee of A.I.M.  Her job was to report on Ted’s experiments and to monitor the serum.  Eric comes into Ted’s office wounded from Ted’s blow earlier.  With one look, Ted knew that Ellen had betrayed him with Eric.  Ted took the serum and leaped out the window.  Ellen starts shooting at Ted first wounding his ear and then she shot him in the heart.

Ted stumbles through the swamp and as his heart bleeds out he falls into the swamp water and he knows he is dying.  Then he thinks of the distilled, completed sample of the super-soldier serum and drinks it down.

Later that night the swamp became silent.  The swamp gave created to something.  The thing made its way into the shed and released the humanoids that Eric had experimented on previously.  The thing that was created in the swamp waited outside the cabin listening to Eric roar about not knowing how to interpret Ted’s serum.  When A.I.M. shows up in the morning they will kill Eric and Ellen if he doesn’t present them with good results.

The thing breaks through the wall of the cabin, grabs Eric and tears him to pieces.  With Eric dead the thing goes after Ellen and decides not to give her a quick death.  He takes his hand and emits some type of chemical and melts her face.  The man-thing stands with extended claws and his several trunk-like features and gives a gruesome roar.

As we see the man-thing walk back into the swamp our story-teller Digger presents us with questions to ponder.  “What makes a man a monster?  A highly unstable, highly volatile chemical formula? Mixing with Marsh water teeming with Life?”  Ultimately, the question is since the monster is created is there any man left?

“Digger concludes his tale by telling us to stop back next month at the Tower of Shadows for another tale best told during…THE DEAD OF NIGHT!”

Eric Schist used the serum Ted Sallis created and experimented on swamp people creating these monsters.
Man-Thing busts through the cabin and attacks Eric Schist and Ellen Brandt.
Man-Thing emits chemicals through his hand and melts Ellen Brandt's face.
The disfigured Ellen Brandt. " Does this make a man a monster?"

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