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Dead of Night
featuring Man-Thing

Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing

The Cool Dark: Part One
April 2008

The Dark Lady: Part Two
May 2008
No Such Thing: Part Three
June 2008
Dread Reckoning: Part Four
July 2008

The Dark Lady

Dead of Night Man-Thing Part Two Cover


Swamp-Thing sees four men toss a dead woman into the swamp. 

Andy is drawing pictures of his friend who lives in the swamp behind his school.  His sister Jen doesn’t believe him but placates him just the same.  She tell him he has to be in bed by nine and asleep when she gets home from work.

Jen goes to work at the Juicy Orange where she works as a stripper.  There in the crowd were the four ex-military Tim Rock, Steve Duffy, Martin Levy and Blake Sims.  We learn they had an assignment that left them, to be polite, mentally disturbed.  Tim Rock announces to his boys, “She’s next.” indicating Jen.

Tim Rock asks Jen if he could take her home.  He tells her he is a good guy and his car is right over there.  She asks him if there are people in his car and he slugs her across the back of her head.

Steve Duffy pours water on Jen to wake her up.  He tells her she in a cabin in the swamp and it will be best for her and quicker if she just lets it happen and does not resist.  The gang threatens her with rape and other atrocities.  She said he was ready for them now.  Outside Man-Thing overhears the outrageous conversation.  Jen memorizes their names:  Tim Rock, Steve Duffy, Martin Levy and Blake Sims.  They threaten her with cutting her tongue out and she replies, “My Tongue? THIS Tongue?”  And she produces a long-forked, whipping tongue.  She transforms into a giant bat-winged, eagle-clawed, snake-tongued, octopus-tentacled demon clad in gold pasties, a red and gold bikini bottom and red boots and a gold-horned helmet.  Jen has the power of making people see things and she made the four criminals see her as this really scary demon.

The four ran out of the cabin like babies crying and screaming.  Once outside the four encounter Man-Thing.  Jen is gathering herself inside remembering her heritage.  She does have some psychic powers but more importantly her Grandfather was Joshua Kale.  He used to be the head of Zhered-Na’s cult.  Jen now owns and has been studying her grandfather’s book of witchcraft.  Those four dreadful, sorry excuses for humans, chose the wrong girl this time. 

When Jen was outside of the cabin she saw Man-Thing tearing the four into pieces.

Jen walked up to Man-Thing and told him her brother knew him.  She looked into Man-Thing and did not see a bad man or a good man.  She said, “…you just are.”

Jen went home and woke up Andy.  She told her brother that Man-Thing had saved her life.

Man-Thing witnesses four men dump a dead woman's body into the swamp.
Jennifer Kale uses her unique ablility to make the abductors see her as this nasty demon.

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