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Dead of Night
featuring Man-Thing

Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing

The Cool Dark: Part One
April 2008

The Dark Lady: Part Two
May 2008
No Such Thing: Part Three
June 2008
Dread Reckoning: Part Four
July 2008

No Such Thing

Dead of Night Man-Thing Part Three Cover


Two irritated men are filming the “Hunt for the Man-Thing.”  Jacob Knoll is the reporter and Jeff is the camera man.   They are frustrated because all they have after thirteen days of research is a bunch of interviews of people who believe and people who don’t believe.  So far they have no evidence of his existence.

While they were lamenting about their bad luck, Stell saw something in the brush.  As it turns out is a husk of the Man-Thing that he had shed, like that of a snake.  This was actual evidence and they decided to trek back into the swamp from this point and camp at nightfall.  They thought they heard something but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  However, they were being hunted by the swamp people who Eric had used Ted’s serum on before it was perfected.  They had an ax and knives.

At nightfall the reporting team found a clearing and set up camp.  Diane needed a break and decided to take a walk.  Diane overheard some voices then she saw Jen and Andy talking to the Man-Thing.  Jen was explaining that Andy has psychic visions and he dreamed people were hunting the Man-Thing with guns.  Jen wasn’t sure the Man-Thing understood what she was telling him.  After the Man-Thing had shed his skin, as it were, he appears to be taller with longer arms and longer legs.  His shoulders also appear larger.

Diane couldn’t believe she saw the Man-Thing and ran back to the camp to tell everyone.  Back at camp she saw the humanoid experiments of Eric’s surrounding the tents with the weapons ready to pounce.  Diane screamed at the top of her voice.

Jen told Man-Thing that that scream was not a mutie but a real person.  One of the muties captured Diane.  The others came out of the tents to investigate the scream but didn’t see anything until Diane bit down on her capture and she was able to run away yelling, “Jeff—Jake—They’re all around you--!”

The muties attacked and Diane was shot with an arrow threw her upper right shoulder.  Then a pistol rang out in the night.  It was Stell.  She had killed one of the muties.  She had their attention now and warned them to let her friends go or she would kill them all.

Everyone was staring at Stell.  Actually they were staring at Man-Thing who was standing behind her.  His shear presence was enough.  He communicated to the muties that these people were not of the swamp and that there was plenty to eat in the swamp.  Man-Thing communicated to them to take their dead and leave.  They did just that.

Jeff, Jacob, Diane and Stell decided to leave as well.  Stell thanked the Man-Thing.  They told Diane they would get her to a hospital and medical treatment for her arrow wound.

Gun blasts were heard in the night.  That was the last thing the four of them will ever hear. 

Orders came from a woman carrying the assault rifle.  She was talking to her red-eyed soldiers.  These four were dead and now she wants them to kill everything that lives in this swamp.  But she wants to be the one who kills Man-Thing.  Her face is revealed and it is the severely scared face of Ellen Brandt.

Jeff, Jacob, Diane and Stell were not aware they were being hunted by the muties.
After Stell killed one of the muties, Man-Thing appears silently behind her.
Ellen Brand is back! Now She is ordering her soldiers to kill everything that lives in the swamp.

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