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Dead of Night
featuring Man-Thing

Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing The Cool Dark
Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing

The Cool Dark: Part One
April 2008

The Dark Lady: Part Two
May 2008
No Such Thing: Part Three
June 2008
Dread Reckoning: Part Four
July 2008

Dread Reckoning

Dead of Night featuring Man-Thing #4 of 4 July 2008 with Ellen Brandt, Mutants, and Digger!


Ellen Brandt gathers her A.I.M. soldiers and instructs them to kill all of the mutants.  She also wants them to capture the monster that was once Ted Sallis so she can torture, burn and then kill him.

The Man-Thing is described to us by Digger as being extremely strong and his skin maybe poisonous.  Also Digger explains that the swamp people who were experimented on by Ted’s partner Eric, are “…cannibalistic, inbred, mother-fucking HALF-BREEDS.”

Jennifer and her little brother have warned Man-Thing about the soldiers who are hunting him with guns.  Now they are running out of the swamp.

Jennifer and Andrew are overtaken by the A.I.M. soldiers but Jennifer and Andrew make a magic circle and they become invisible to the soldiers.

The Man-Thing sees Jennifer, their magic and how they disappeared.  He sees everything in the swamp even the dead bones of bodies buried long ago.

The soldiers turn on each other over the “hopeless assignment” and stab one another with knives.  They are all dead.  It was a spell caste by Jennifer over the soldiers of “irrational hatred” for one another.  She has practiced her first black magic and the Man-Thing saw this too.

Ellen Brandt talks to the last solder while him and his fellow mercenaries are being eaten by the swamp mutants.

Brandt was informed it was not the Man-Thing that killed them.  She decides to go after Ted Sallis herself.  She tracks Ted with her flame thrower.  Brandt breaks through some brush and finds Man-Thing.  Immediately she torches him in blazing fire.  As the Man-Thing burns she taunts him.  “Melt my face?  You should’ve killed me, Ted.  The way you killed Eric - - That was always your problem.  You were always too soft - - no backbone - - No balls - -

The Man-Thing takes out her last soldier from behind.  Now as the husk of him continues to burn his regenerated new self stares at Ellen Brandt.

Ellen tells Ted she bets he doesn’t have it in him to kill her.  Man-Thing touches her face, embraces her, and then encompasses her.  Her flame thrower no longer has any effect as he angles it away from them.  He absorbs Ellen into his body remembering when they were lovers.

The swamp fire burns out and the soldier’s bodies will decompose.

Jennifer Kale and her brother Andrew study their witchcraft.  They will see Man-Thing again as their friend and ally in the future.

Man-Thing is part of the swamp.  So says Digger.
Man-Thing sees all that happens in the swamp.
A.I.M.'s muties have turned cannibalistic.

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