The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead

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The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead #4 (of 6)

The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead #4


Steven Deschain talks to his gunslingers in the castle at Gilead. He explains that his wife had been under the control of Marten Broadcloth and that her actions were not her own. He tells them that Roland was possessed by the damnable Maerlyn's Grapefruit and had killed his mother Gabrielle. Robert Allgood also has lost his life protecting Steven Deschain.

John Farson, the Good Man has massed mutants to be his walking army.

Steven Deschain allowed himself to hear the words of Justus during the discussion that entailed. Justus told Steven that "Farson's camp is undermanned and reinforcements are a distance off." Justus suggests that Steven "capture Farson, kill the sorcerer Marten and retrieve the mystic sphere" this very evening.

Liam tells Steven that the town has turned against Roland for killing their respected and admired Gabrielle. Steven decides the only way he can save his son is by following Justus' suggestions and attack John Farson's camp tonight.

Aileen, dressed as a boy and armed as a gunslinger visits Roland with the intention of busting him out of jail.

Dr. DeCurry and his nurse assistance were both killed by three armed men.

As Steven Deschain and the gunslingers approach John Farson's camp, they soon realize Justus has set them up. The camp is not undermanned. It is full of the "Old People's weapons" and a mutant army. Once Steven realizes the situation and accuses Justus, the gunslingers are surrounded. Steven also knows Farson wants him alive. Steven will not go without a fight.

Steven does not surrender and all the gunslingers go into action.

Roland and Aileen discover Vannay's body. Roland knows there is a pack of killers in their midst. Roland hears the "call of his father's horn." Roland knows this is "..the beginning of the end."

Gabrielle Deschain, dead at the hands of her son Roland.
Roland killed his mother while under the influence of the pink grapefruit.
Robert Allgood dies in the battle with John Farson.
John Farson has an army of mutants.
Justus is a traitor and leads the gunslingers into a battle with John Farson and his army.
John Farson
The Gunslingers listen to Justus.
Steven Gilead announces that the gunslingers will attack Farson tonight based on the false information provided by Justus.

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