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Dean Koontz's FRANKENSTEIN #1
Prodigal Son
Part One

Dean Koontz's FRANKENSTEIN Issue #1 May 2008

Two centuries ago, a man named Victor Frankenstein defied nature and created human life by combining dead tissue and the power of a bolt of lightning.  The experiment yielded a monster so powerful that both creature and creator were long thought to have been destroyed, victims of science gone mad.  In the present day, a man who calls himself Victor Helios is one of New Orleans’ wealthiest citizens.  As a philanthropist with a beautiful wife and hundreds of loyal employees, Victor maintains an astounding amount of influence over the city—but all is not as it seems.  The terrible secret that Victor has been keeping is about to be discovered.  The war to save humanity begins now…

Deucalion has nightmares whenever he sleeps.  His nightmares are portents of future events.  He is presently living in a monastery in the high mountains searching for peace.  A messenger came with news that someone lives in New Orleans.  Deucalion tells Rombuk, one of the monks, that he must leave soon. 

Deucalion has hundreds of scars all over his body and face.  Rombuk gives Deucalion a gift of a tattoo of a spider’s web on his right side of his face which distracts from the many scars.  Deucalion says, “I’ll live by night and by distraction as so often I have before.”

Rombuk saw that the message was addressed to one with seven different names.  He asked if Deucalion was the name he had used in the carnival.  Deucalion replied, “No. Nothing so mythic or grand.  They called me…the MONSTER.”

New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Fifteen Hundred Acre City Park.

Amidst the blue herons and the beautiful greenery of a swampy area is a woman lying face down in the muck.  Her hands have been cut off.  Carson, the female homicide cop at the scene asks her partner Maddison who was the responding officer.  Maddison tells her Officer Ned Lohman found her.  Lohman steps up and tells them a jogger reported the body about thirty minutes ago.  Carson announces vehemently that this is part of an ongoing homicide investigation.  Officers Harker and Frye stopped by to catch the call but gratefully relinquished the scene to Carson and Maddison.

Ray Darnell introduces himself to Candace who sells cotton candy in the park.  He tells her she has perfect eyes and he gave her his cell phone number.  She tells him she is a private person and he responds with a description of himself as being “old fashioned.”  Upon leaving her he casts the fresh cone of cotton candy in the trash and refers to his list of body parts, “ITEMS NEEDED!”    All the items have been crossed out except for the eyes.  After the word eyes, he places a question mark.

Maddison and Carson review the murder victims.  Shelley Justine had her ears cut off after being stabbed in the heart.  Meg Savill was chloroformed and knifed and her feet were then cut off.  Bradford Walden was alive when his kidneys were cut out.  Caroline Beaufort was chloroformed and both her legs were removed.  Alphonse Charterie had his liver removed while he was conscious.  Maddison and Carson conclude that the murderer does not want the women to suffer but doesn’t care how painful it is for the men. 

Harker brings the M.E.’s report hours late to Carson saying there was a mix up.  She yelled at him to stop stepping on her.  Harker told them the latest victim was chloroformed, had her hands removed and then dumped at the park.  Harker's suggestion to find this guy was, “…to go to a weirder place.  One level below hell.”  Maddison remarked that Harker sounded like he had general concern for the public with his response.

We are introduced to another character that identifies himself as Randal Six.  He possesses great knowledge.  He knows that, “Out in the world-here in New Orleans—is another like him.  Not one of his Father’s creations.”  Randal thinks if he could meet his equal, he would know more about himself.

Deucalion arrives in New Orleans at night in the rain.  He wears a long black caped-coat with a large hood.  Deucalion introduced himself to Jelly Biggs and discovered that Ben, the man who had sent for Deucalion had been murdered and that Deucalion had inherited the theater and sixty thousand dollars.  Deucalion told Jelly the fact that Ben had used seven of Deucalion’s names when sending the letter was directly related to Ben’s murder.  Jelly thought it was just a coincidence.  Deucalion replied, “ There are no coincidence’s. “  Jelly Biggs had learned some about Deucalion from Ben.  Jelly also had dreams that sometimes come true.  Jelly tells Deucalion he had dreamed about  a magician who had two hearts and had been stabbed in both of them.

Randal Darnell is giving the hands a manicure when the phone rings.  Candice wants to meet for coffee tomorrow evening.  Randal agrees and returns his attention back to the hands.

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Issue #1
Carson is insistent that this murder is part of an ongoing investigation and it belongs to homicide.
Deucalion arrives in New Orleans at night and in the rain.  Ben should be at the movie theater
Deucalion believes Ben's use of Deucalion's seven different names are directly linked to Ben's murder.
Deucalion learns of his inheritance.
Jelly Biggs is not forced to leave his home just because there is a new owner.

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