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The Long Road Home No. 1

The Long Road Home No. 1 Cover

Roland takes the charred body of Susan Delgado off of the Charyou tree.  She is burned to a crisp.  Her remaining hair drops off and her clothes are gone except for a few shreds.  Only some muscles remain on her bones.  Roland’s pain from this experience will influence every aspect of the rest of his life. 

Carrying Susan, Roland shot at Alain.  Cuthbert knocked Roland down.  Alain said he was shooting at whoever was watching him through the pink grapefruit.  Now the glass ball was shattered.  Then it turned into a huge eye with tentacles and grasped Roland about the face and stuck its arms onto Roland’s forehead.  Before it released Roland, it drew a light from him.  Roland was unconscious.  

Roland’s visions show him Jonas dead telling Roland that Clay Reynolds is still alive and is coming after the three of them.  Alain senses that Roland is seeing Susan when she was alive as well as when she was dead.  Alain also sees the Coffin Hunters coming after them. 

Cuthbert tells Alain that now they have to leave Susan’s body for the birds, he has to carry Roland and the bastards from Hambry are close.  Alain runs with the pink ball toward their horses.

Reynolds leads a posse searching for what the town of Hambry considers murderers.  Bert held onto Roland and Alain took aim on Reynolds.  He hit Reynolds horse.  This gave the boys enough time to get ahead of their hunters.  A storm and fog moved in and the three came upon a river.  Cuthbert almost drowned but Alain extended a branch just in time before Bert went over a waterfall.

Sheemie was following the posse but somehow got lost.  He was regretting losing Susan who he felt responsible for and for his lack of intelligence.  Now he came to a place with a sign that read “Welcome to the Dogan.”  Inside the structure, Sheemie sees what appears to be a man and Sheemie asks if he can fetch him anything.  The man’s body was attached to a myriad of wires and a sign that read “Danger High Voltage.”  When Sheemie takes the man’s hand and starts to pull on it there is a noise in the corner.  When Sheemie turns around to look he was so scared he couldn’t scream.  It was a robot with red eyes and lots of wires sticking out. 

Roland Deschain removes Susan Delgado froom the Charyou Tree.  This event impacts the rest of Rolands life.
Sheemie enters the Dogan and discovers something so scarry he can't even scream.

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