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The Long Road Home No. 2

The Long Road Home No. 2 Cover

The robot forces electricity to run through Sheemie’s body.  Into and out of his mouth and eyes the lightning moves.  The robot is using Sheemie for his own experiment.

Roland’s mind floats inside Maeryln’s ball.  Roland resists whoever is trying to control him.  And a crow finds it very funny the Roland actually thinks he has control.  He tells Roland they are in Thunderclap, the first region of End-World.  Roland demands to know who or what the crow is.  The crow changes into Marten.

Cuthbert and Alain find a rickety old bridge across a deep gorge.  Cuthbert makes it across but losses one of the horses to the gorge.  Alain brings Roland and when they on the middle of the old bridge Roland wakes up shouting, “Damn you, Marten!” and punches Alain.  In the process Alain drops the ball and Roland falls.  Somehow Alain was able to catch the ball and hang onto one of Roland’s legs.  Alain recovers Roland and they make it across the bridge.  Cuthbert cuts the bridge.  When Clay Reynolds discovers the bridge is gone he decides to rejoin Farson.  He swears some day after Gilead falls he will have the death of those boys.

Shemmie wakes up and the scary mechanical robot is shut down.  Shemmie gets his mule and starts on his way again.  However, there is a change in Shemmie whether he knows it or not.  His eyes emit a bright yellowish-red light.  And apparently it is possible that he can be in two places at the same time.

Cuthbert tried to calm his horse as they crossed the rickety old bridge.
Sheemie is attacked by the robot.  The robot fills Sheemie with electricity.
After the robot experimented on Sheemie, he appears to have an ability to be in two places at the same time.

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