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The Long Road Home No. 3

The Long Road Home #3 of 5 Cover

Roland’s mind is deep in the pull of Maerlyn’s Grapefruit.  He finds himself in End-World thinking he is going crazy.  There is a billy-bumbler calling …olan …olan as it suffers speared on a pole dying.  Roland sees an old man before him with a large-brimmed hat and a long-leather coat.  The young Roland refuses to believe that the old man is him because he is alone with no ka-tet.  The crow/raven cries to the young Roland that the old man Roland has killed everyone who has cared about him.  The bird wants to be referred to as a raven.  It becomes a giant and carries Roland away.

Roland’s eyes are white with an inner light and his physical body struggles against the bird as Alain and Cuthbert try to subdue him.

Cuthbert sees Alain and Roland disappear before his eyes in a ball of lightning.  They had gone todash as the Manni people say.  When people disappear from one world and find themselves in another world, the Manni people say they go todash.

Cuthbert hears something and then the horses are attacked by the mutant wolves.  Cuthbert fires at the wolves. 

Alain, on todash is falling through the air and catches onto Roland’s legs as the giant bird carries them.

Cuthbert is then thrown into the campfire and catches his right sleeve on fire.  He rolls to put the fire out and then he sees another wolf approaching Roland’s inactive body.  At that moment, with eyes lit white and red from within, Roland comes awake.  The evil that possesses Roland does not want him dead.  Roland breaks his restraints as if they were not there; he grabs the large wolf-monster and breaks its neck.  Roland collapses.

Alain is once again falling through the air.  He is mere inches from busting his head on the stone earth.  Alain awakens and tells Bert that Roland is in the clutches of the blackguard Marten. 

Once again the multi-headed mutant wolves approach.

Mutant wolves attack the horses.
The evil grapefruit that possesses Roland allows him to wake up with great strength breaking his binds and grabbing the giant wolf.  Roland breaks it neck.
Marten, now a giant raven carries Roland and Alain through End-World to the Crimson King.
Marten's true face, if indeed he actually has a true face.

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