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The Long Road Home No. 4

Dark Tower The Long Road Home #4 of 5 by Stephen King, Peter David, Robin Furth, Jae Lee and Richard Isanove

Alain and Cuthbert are being attacked by mutant wolves.  They manage to kill the pack of multi-headed beasts leaving Alain with a significant bite on his arm.  They are concerned about the venom from the wolf and infection.  Either way, Alain needs medical attention fast.

Cuthbert hears another wolf coming in the fog and he shoots twice.  Sheemie appears now with two bullet wounds in his chest.  Sheemie assumes Cuthbert is punishing him for letting Susan burn.  He still has handcuffs on his one wrist and requests permission to lie-down.

Roland is being carried by a squawking bird to the castle of the Crimson King as his awareness remains in the pink grapefruit.  The bird drops Roland into a nest of human skulls.  Roland screams and bird picks him up again and delivers him to the Crimson King who introduces himself to Roland as the Eater of Worlds.

Sheemie is dead then he sits up in a ball of light and he is well.  He immediately goes to Alain and tells him the poison is severe and he heals Alain.  Sheemie tells them the poison would have been at Alain’s heart and he would have died in minutes.  Cuthbert thanks Sheemie and asks him if he has one more miracle in him.  Can Sheemie free Roland’s mind from Maerlyn’s Grapefruit?

Roland tells the Crimson King his appearance is unimpressive.  The Crimson King told him if he revealed his true looking self to Roland, Roland’s brain would ooze from his ears.  Marten the fowl told Roland to kneel to the Crimson King and stabbed Roland’s stomach with his beak several times.  Bleeding, Roland is now on his knees.

Sheemie looked into the ball for a long time and said he had to be somewhere else now.  Sheemie got on his donkey, and he and his donkey shrank smaller and smaller and went into the pink grapefruit.

Sheemie arrived at End-World near the Crimson King’s castle and he declares he will do his best to save Roland or/and die trying.

Mutant wolves attack Alain and Cuthbert as they try to protect Roland.
Roland, still possessed by the pink grapefruit, meets the Crimson King.
Bad Sheemie had it coming, he did.
Sheemie had to hurry before the wolves poison hit Alain's heart.
Sheemie's magic has taken him to help Roland escape Maerlyn's Grapefruit and the Crimson King.

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