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The Long Road Home No. 5

The Dark Tower The Long Road Home #5 (of 5)

The Crimson King tells Roland that Roland is an ancestor of Arthur Eld. The Crimson King's father is Arthur Eld. With Roland at the Crimson King's side, the cousins can destroy the Tower and the two of them will rule over the Prim. They will be powerful together.

Roland explains to the Crimson King that he is "insane." The Crimson King will only allow so much insolence and struck Roland with lightning.

Sheemie heard Roland's/Will Dearborn's screams.

Roland tells the Crimson King he will have to kill him before he would serve with the Crimson King. As the Crimson King is about to inflict pain and death onto Roland Sheemie appear shouting, " No! No more pain! Enough pain! Enough for a hundred lifetimes!" and the Crimson King is knocked down. Sheemie, Roland and the donkey disappear through a door. The Crimson King orders that Roland and Sheemie be returned to him for their deaths.

Roland woke up to Bert calling for him. Bert told him they were only a day's ride from home. Alain returned and they decided to wait until morning to see if Sheemie shows up. Roland wanted to take watch for the night. However the only thing he watched was the pink globe.

Cuthbert and Alain knew Roland wasn't right but attributed his strange behavior to his recent experiences. That evening they arrived at Gilead.

Roland hides the grapefruit in his saddlebag. Cuthbert and Alain thought he was going to give it to Roland's father. When they arrived at Gilead the flags were at half-mast. The three gunslingers thought dead, had arrived back home.

Roland's father trembles as he welcomes Roland home. Stephen Deschain apologizes to his son for forcing him into such actions at such a young age. Stephen Deschain tells Roland his mother will be returning home soon. Roland is indifferent regarding his mother.

Cuthbert and Alain keep Roland's secret about Roland's experiences and the pink grapefruit but they are deeply concerned that they have lost most of their friend back on the long road home.

Long Road Home #5 (of 5)
Long Road Home #5 (of 5)
Long Road Home #5 (of 5)
Long Road Home #5 (of 5)
Long Road Home #5 (of5) Map of End-World

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