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The Sorcerer #1 (One-Shot)

The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer #1 Virgin Cover

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Marten Broadcloak introduces his definition of magic. Then he informs us of his many names: Walter O'Dim, The Man in Black, Randall Flagg, Rudin Filaro and The Walkin' Dude. He says his truest name is the Magician although some call him Necromancer.

Marten tells us he was the son of Maerlyn the magician who spun thirteen seeing spheres with a soul as wicked as his own. Marten was sent to be raised by a milling family but at the age of thirteen he got bored and burned the place down and began to search for his "true" family.

Marten found his sister and she became his consort and ally. They saw only the House of Deschain standing between them and The Dark Tower. END PROLOGUE

Gabrielle Deschain promises to kill her husband Steven for Marten Broadcloak. She rides to Gilead. Marten flys as a crow to Farson's Camp to gather his men for their attack on Gilead.

Marten arrives to gather his men. He checks in with his sister who has Steven Deschain entranced in the pink grapefruit. Steven sees into the globe his son Roland's great battle in Hambry and of Susan's death and, the Crimson King. This caused Steven great pain. Marten's sister demands Steven to show her more of his pain but he shouts, "No More!"

Steven tells his fellow gunslingers the globe will be locked in his safe and they must guard Arra's baby as he will be a powerful gunslinger in the future. Marten's sister knows Steven will return to the pink grapefruit as he now knows the magics of it. Arra and Charles leave so Arra may have her baby with her mother. They are stopped on the trail by Farson's men.

Clay Reynolds has returned to Farson without the magic sphere and Coral Thorin waits outside the tent as Farson tortures Reynolds.

Marten tells Farson he knows where and how to get Farson's magic globe. Marten threatens Charles with his wife and baby. Charles writes a letter of introduction for Kingson to Gilead as their musician. Subsequently, Marten stabs Arra and the baby and Charles is knocked out by Kingson, Farson's nephew.

Marten gives the poison dagger and a poison book to Farson. These will be used to kill Steven Deschain. Kingson is selected to be the one referenced by Charles.

Marten's sister places a spell on Roland that when he shoots Rea of the Coos he will really shoot his mother.

Farson and Marten wait outside the castle of Gilead for Kingson who is late.

Bert, Alain and Aileen took Kingson's body to the morgue. There Marten found him and proceeded to bring him back to life. Marten told Kingson how to find his Uncle Farson.

Marten saw Roland kill Gabrielle and his fury brought his sister to him where he vanquished her into the pink grapefruit.

Marten kissed Gabrielle's dead lips, grabbed the grapefruit and met Farson at the main gate. Farson told Marten that Marten had saved his skin this time. Now they were to ride.

The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer #1 (One-Shot)
The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer #1 (One-Shot)
The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer #1 (One-Shot)
The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer #1 (One-Shot)

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