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Origins Chapter One Cover
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Chapter One
July 2007

Chapter Two
August 2007
Chapter Three
September 2007
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October 2007
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November 2007
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December 2007

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Origins #1
Origins Chapter One Cover
Writer - Peter Johnson
Artist - Matthew Dow Smith
Colorist - JD Mettler
Letterer - Greg Thompson
Assistant Editor - Kristy Quinn
Editor - Ben Abernathy
Cover by Tim Bradstreet

John is desperate without Mary and he swears to her he is going to find out what happened to her.  Every day he asks the neighbors, firemen and police if they saw anything or suspect anything peculiar as to explain what happened to Mary.  John is out every night and Julie, Mary’s friend, thinks John should be spending more time with his sons.  John gets into a bar fight and is rescued by Missouri, a black lady.  She tells John she can see things, like a psychic sees things.

A week later John tells Missouri his story and she believes him.  She tells him there is evil around everywhere.  She says she can help John find what killed Mary but it will take a sacrifice.

Four days later Missouri performs some magic using John’s whole fingernail.  They are called to a house at Palm Avenue and Oak Knoll.  There they search the house and find blood writing on the wall, “We’re coming for the children.”  John rushes to Julie’s house.  Julie is torn into pieces.  The children are safe and asleep in their beds. 

Missouri told John he had to take the boys and leave.  She gave him a chunk of what appears to be a jagged tooth with inscriptions.  She said she found it in Julie’s remains and it will help John find who killed Mary.

John Winchester realizes they are coming for his children.


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