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July 2007

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Origins #2
Origins Chapter Two Cover
Writer - Peter Johnson
Artist - Matthew Dow Smith
Colorist - JD Mettler
Letterer - Greg Thompson
Assistant Editor - Kristy Quinn
Editor - Ben Abernathy
Cover by Tim Sale & Dave Stewart

Missouri told John he should go to Tempe, Arizona to see a man named Fletcher Gable.  If anyone can help John identify the tooth he can.

Dean wants to know when they are going home.

Jon considers his decision to throw his whole life away and pursue a dangerous killer with his two children.  He does not know what will be next but now they have arrived in Tempe, Arizona.

Jon introduces himself to Fletcher Gable and explains that Missouri Mosely in Kansas sent him to see if Fletcher could identify a tooth.  Fletcher invited John in but warned him not to touch anything.

Fletcher describes the tooth as belonging to a black shuck, a hell hound who hangs out around cemeteries near devil’s gates where they can pass from this realm into another.  The last sighting of a black shuck was in Eureka, California several months ago.  Fletcher suggests that John start looking for whatever it is he is looking for in Eureka.  He gave John a blank book for him to use as a journal.  He told John to write everything down. 

After John had left, Fletcher got a visitor who wanted to know where Fletcher had sent John Winchester.

John had an overwhelming need to stock up and he purchased a twelve gage shotgun and ammunition.

Jacob, Mary’s brother, found John and the boys in Eureka, busted down John’s hotel room door and demanded to know why he had let Mary die and that he wanted to take the boys back home.

John asked Jacob to go with him tonight to chase down the hell hound.  He left the boys with the hotel clerk.

They walk around the graveyard and after a while they finally find a crypt with the same engravings that are on the tooth.  Once John saw the crypt he told Jacob they best go back and get some reinforcements that he really wasn’t ready for what might be waiting for him inside the crypt.  Jacob was irritated and went inside the crypt regardless of John’s warnings and was attacked.  Jacob was down and the hell hound showed itself to John.  It pounced at John and someone shot it in the air with a double-barreled shot gun.

The man who shot the hell hound said they would have to track it in the morning.  For now they had to get Jacob out of the cemetery.  The mystery man had John put Jacob in John’s station wagon and rolled in into a rock quarry.  The man told John he couldn’t help Jacob and there was no explanation he could give the police that would work.  John’s first responsibility was to kill the evil that was released, the hell hound.

John refused the man’s help.  The man told John he needed his help.  The reason he needed his help is because it wasn’t the hell hound that killed Mary.

A hell hound attacks John Winchester, Hunter (H) shoots the beast with a double-barreled shot gun.

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