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Origins #3
Origins Chapter Three Cover
Writer - Peter Johnson
Artist - Matthew Dow Smith
Colorist - JD Mettler
Letterer - Greg Thompson
Assistant Editor - Kristy Quinn
Editor - Ben Abernathy
Cover by Ryan Sook

It is 1991 and Dean tells Sammy he is tired of being tossed from one strange baby-sitter to the next and he is going to leave.

Now it is 1982.  The mystery man introduces himself to the boys as Uncle Hunter and explains that Uncle Jacob had to leave.  John wants to know why they aren’t tracking the hell hound and Hunter explains that the wounded hell hound probably went back to its demon keeper below.  Now he wants to help John find who killed Mary.

The trail is now cold in Eureka so Hunter is taking John to a place where they might find some clues. Harvelle’s Roadhouse Bar.  At the bar Hunter introduces John to Ellen and Bill Harvelle.  The bar is full of Hunters just like them.

Ellen tells Dean she has a daughter Josephine who is about Dean’s age. 

John and Hunter talk to Ichi who is working on a case of his own.  A woman was attacked by a man who jumped fifteen feet into the air.  They think it is a heeler.

The Harvells watch the boys and Hunter (H) and John join Ichi on his hunt.

Heelers aren’t demons or spirits so they can be killed with a gun.  Ichi kicks in a cabin door where he suspects the heeler is living.  The house is empty.  The heeler was waiting out in a tree and jumped John.  John had a chance to shoot him but didn’t.  The heeler took off and Ichi went after it.  Ichi said he knows he hit its leg.  John’s telling himself he is not a killer as he hears Ichi shoot the heeler.

On the way back to the bar, H tells John he needs to turn his fear into anger.

Ichi has a wounded leg.  H tells John Ichi is dead and that the current Ichi is a shape shifter and must have had a run-in with a heeler is why he looked like a heeler.  Out in the woods he killed Ichi and shape shifted.

H gave John the gun and told him to shoot.  John shot and killed it.  Now John says, “I’m a killer. I’m a killer.  Dean watched what happened.

John took the boys to Elgin Illinois to Pam and Bill’s house, Mary’s Mom and Dad.

Dean was mad and didn’t say good bye to his Dad.

John wrote in his diary that he had to leave the boys and he now feels the darkness of the road.

John is sickened by the situation he is in but he knows what he has to do.  H tells him he needs to see his wife again so he can think straight.

1991.  Dean reads his Dad’s diary and sees the part where John tells Dean he has to be strong enough to look after Sam when he is not there.

John Winchester makes the decision that he is a killer as he shoots the shape shifter.

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