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Origins #5
Origiins Chapter Five Cover
Writer - Peter Johnson
Artist - Matthew Dow Smith
Colorist - JD Mettler
Letterer - Greg Thompson
Assistant Editor - Kristy Quinn
Editor - Ben Abernathy
Cover by Tony Harris
John and H head back to Fletcher Gables.  Fletcher has a map and using zone seven he finds the #112 has a cemetery located at what is known as “the four corners.” At the intersection of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  It is a location of supernatural phenomena. 

Somewhere on a country road two drunken boys run over a dog and kill it.  They are wondering back to their car leaving it for dead when they are attacked by the dog, now a hell hound.

John and Hope pull into Hope Colorado.  The town sign indicates it is abandoned.  They stop at a building named Sal’s Antiques with a crescent moon symbol.  A man working at the Antiques place told them there was the Fore Inn and a cemetery up the road a ways. 

John thinks the Fore Inn is an anagram for Inferno.  As they drive toward Fore Inn, a storm approaches fast.  John sees Dean holding Sam on the road and hits them.  He stops, jumps out of the car and discovers dead boars all over the road.  Then the sun came out and the storm was gone and no more signs of Dean and Sam.  Just around a curve they have to slide to a stop to avoid hitting a landslide.  They load up their gear and start walking.  They come upon an old bridge.  H falls through.  John climbs down the hill, jumps into the water and soon he is surrounded by human bodies with their eyes sewn shut.  He sees H and pulls him to the edge of the river.  H survives.

As they continue on the road, it takes them directly into a cemetery.  Over the road there is a sign “Forev’r Circle Cemetery.”  They entered and heard some noises and cries coming out of some crypts.  Then the crypts caught on fire.  They left and next they find a tree where people had hanged themselves.  They had a star of sorts on their forehead and then wild dogs or wolves or some miscellaneous kind of hell hounds came out of the woods and chased them.  They shot at them and they were either dead or dispersed.  Along the roadway was a huge landslide which completely blocked their passage.  They climbed it.  H told John why a hunter never turns back.  “You keep going, till the thing you’re searching for is dead.”  Once they made it over the landslide they encountered an area that was covered with ice and there was a body frozen in it.  Soon they saw the Fore Inn and the inferno was erupting.  Fire was in the windows and smoke was coming out of the chimneys.  The single-fanged hell hound ran out of the house and jumped on John.  This time he was ready when he was about the shot it H yelled, “NO!”  He told John, “The beast doesn’t work for anyone inside the Fore Inn.  He works for me.”
Once they reach Fore Inn, Hunter explains to John the hell hound works for him.

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