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July 2007

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August 2007
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Origins #6
Origins Chapter Six Cover
Writer - Peter Johnson
Artist - Matthew Dow Smith
Colorist - JD Mettler
Letterer - Greg Thompson
Assistant Editor - Kristy Quinn
Editor - Ben Abernathy
Cover by JG Jones & Alex Sinclair
H asked John, “What do you think of your decision to save my life back at that bridge now?”  H told John about following a stranger blindly, dumping his uncle’s body into a lake, leaving his kids a thousand miles away based on a hunch about an inscription on a tooth. H wants John to start looking at things differently.  All this is being said in front of the burning Fore Inn.  H told John some of the answers he is looking for are inside the Fore Inn but that he wasn’t here to protect John any longer.  H walks into the Inn.

John enters the Inn and finds a large round room with a number of doors.  He follows his gut and opens one.  Here he finds dozens of clocks chiming and he can’t take the noise.  Then he is in his old station wagon drowning.  John breaks a window and gets to the surface.  Jacob pulls him out of the water and demands to know whey John let Mary die and why he let him die.  John tells Jacob he was already dead.  Jacob punches him and tells John he will see him in hell.  Next thing he knows he wakes up to Mary screaming at home.  He runs to the boy’s room and they are gone.  Then he goes to his room and he is set on flames and pressed against the ceiling.  He sees that he is on fire and feels the searing pain and jumps out of the window.

John questions the reality of these experiences.  The question facing him now is where is he?  In a cemetery John sees the grave stones for Dean and Sam.  Then he is hit over the head with a shovel.  John is now on the roof of the Fore Inn with H.  He tells him what he has to do to be a hunter is to think out of the box and stop accepting the names that everyone wants to label things. 

H told John all this was never about finding the demon that killed Mary.  That demon is long gone.  This whole thing is about John.  H asked John, “How far you willing to go to find out?”  John reached into his pocket brought out the hound’s tooth and stabled the hound in the neck with it.  H thought that was a good move on John’s part.  H now asks John if knowing what he knows now about the evil that is in the world will he fight it or will he simply go back home and forget it?  John pushes H off the roof.  John watches H fall into a deeply entrenched gorge.  H says goodbye to John.  The entire Fore Inn is on fire as John walks away from the burning inferno.  All the ice has melted. 

John picks up Dean and Sam.  He tells them he knows he needs them with him.  He needs his family and they have work to do.
John shoved Hunter off the roof of Fore Inn  into a deep gorge.  Here, John leaves as Fore Inn becomes an inferno.

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