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Rising Son
Chapter One
Rising Son Chapter One Cover
Writers - Peter Johnson & Rebecca Dessertine
Art - Diego Olmos
Colors - Jonny Rench
Letters - Wes Abbot
Editors - Benn Abernathy & Kristy Quinn
Cover by Ben Oliver, Variant Cover by Dustin Nguyen


Delavan, Wisconsin, 1990

John’s hunting the Beast of Bray Road.  It runs on its hind legs and tears apart farm animals and most recently two small children.  John used his shot gun and killed it but not before it took a chunk out of his arm.  By the time he got to work he was late and he got fired.  He got back to the hotel and fell asleep writing in his journal.  He woke up to someone banging on his door.  His land lady told him he had to evacuate because he owned rent and oh yea, “Merry Christmas.”  On the way out John was handed a returned letter from Mary’s cousin Eddie Thompson.  John went to find Eddie and on the way near where he had last been seen John saw an old route 25.  He asked at the diner if they knew him and they said no but there was an address written on the bag that the cheeseburgers came in, 146 Linden Street. 

When John knocked on the door, Eddie answered but told John to go away.  Under his breath, Eddie told John to meet him at the Nightengale Tavern at eight o’clock. 

At the Tavern Eddie told John he wanted to tell him something about Mary.  Eddie’s wife came in and took him away.  He had left a message on the frosted mug before he left, “GET OUT.”  Then a beautiful waitress asked if she could sit down with John and he became hypnotized by her touch.  He left to clear his head in the men’s room and she followed him and told him she didn’t want to be alone.  They started doing it in the men’s room but John steeled himself and threw her across the room yelling, “NO.”  Then all the women in the bar started telling him what they could do for him.  Then they all looked like Mary.  Next all the Mary’s turned into zombie looking things with red eyes and fanged teeth. 

John knew what they were then.  “Succubi.  Hell’s whores.  They lure men into fits of ecstasy and then kill them by sucking out their life force.”  John pulled a sword off the wall and slayed each of them.

John drove over to Eddie’s and found him hanging with his guts ripped out.  He shot the fang-toothed woman, who was with Eddie earlier, in the face.

Back in the Tavern, a high-heeled woman demanded to know where Sam Winchester was from one of the nearly dead succubi.  She didn’t know.

John slays the succubi. "Hell's whores.  They lure men into fits of ecstasy and then kill them by sucking out their life force."

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