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Rising Son
Chapter Two
Supernatural Rising Son #2 of 6
Writers - Peter Johnson & Rebecca Dessertine
Art - Diego Olmos
Colors - Jonny Rench
Letters - Wes Abbot
Editors - Benn Abernathy & Kristy Quinn
Cover by Ben Oliver


February 1991.  John talks the principal into letting Dean and Sam into school.  Sam’s charming and beautiful teacher takes a special interest in Sam and his “intellectual” skills.

John accepts a job as a mortgage collector.

Dean doesn’t fare so well in school and doesn’t make friends where Sammy has many friends and of course his teacher Ms. Lyle is always there for Sam.

John had to make a collection at 1332 Rosewood Lane.  We all know that 1332 divided by 2 is 666 and John does not believe in coincidences.  Ignoring the 666 warning, he enters the open house and finds a dead woman babbling nonsense.  Then she turns into a monster-zombie and attacks John.  He takes some hard punches but ultimately impales her with a busted two by four.

He explained his bloodied mouth to Mrs. Lyle when he picked up Sammy and Dean as an unhappy client.  John missed Sammy’s play.  Over the next few weeks, Ms. Lyle is cooking the Winchester’s dinner.

One evening, when Dean came downstairs he saw a black shadow cast from Ms. Lyle that appeared as a horned-winged creature.   Dean begged off dinner that night and Ms. Lyle showed John how to remember the moves in the bedroom.  She had an interesting technique she used which involved her eyes glowing red.

The next day John had to work so Ms. Lyle generously volunteered to take Sam to the Science Fair.  Dean immediately alerted his father.  Dean asked his Dad to trust him regarding Dean’s suspicion about Ms. Lyle’s intentions for Sammy.

John found a crossroads, and recognized the same stench he smelled back at double 666 Rosewood.  John now realizes the demon that is Ms. Lyle is the same demon that had occupied the dead lady at double 666.

John finds Sammy unconscious in Ms. Lyle’s lap on railroad track intersections.

An entity pulled itself together from all of the train yard pieces lying around and formed a giant robot.  John was knocked around quite a bit.  The robot repeated, “COMING FOR YOU.  COMING FOR YOU.”

John whipped a huge chain against Ms. Lyle as Dean patiently waited in the car as instructed.

John took another hard punch from the robot.  Ms. Lyle warned John that “…nothing’s going to keep me away from Sam.”

As the robot stands prone to attach again and Ms. Lyle continues to have Sammy in her clutches, John kneels trying to catch his breath.  Then, Dean walks up to his Dad.

Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester start school.  John Winchester has to see a client at double 666 Rosewood Lane.
Watch out John! Dead woman become attacking zombie! What at surprise at double 666 Rosewood Lane.
After taking several good zombie punches, John strikes back.
Demon entity pulls parts lying around a railroad yard together to form one crazy giant railroad robot.

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