The Dark Tower: Treachery

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Treachery #4

The Dark Tower: Treachery #4 (of 6)


Marten Broadcloak takes Gabrielle from the nunnery at Debaria. They conspire for her to kill Steven Deschain. She leaves Marten to execute her husband. Marten is gleeful and appears as a man-sized raven.

In the grapefruit, Roland sees Rhea coming toward his room carrying his father's head. In Roland's real world Cuthbert and Alain are approaching to take the grapefruit from Roland. Roland then pulls his gun to shoot Rhea but Bert & Alain are in his room.

Farson's man is telling the gunslingers where Farson is but he is a spy and still working for Farson. The gunslingers prepare for their Taunton. The spy Justus is present and is setting the stage for the gunslinger's massacre.

Roland fired his gun and Bert and Alain dived to the floor. Roland listens to Bert and Alain and agrees he cannot keep up like this or he will kill someone. Roland doesn't look like himself. He remains emaciated and now blood-red veins are on the surface of his skin.

Roland goes to his father. "I have forgotten your face." he says to his father and presents him with the pink grapefruit. Steven tells Roland he has sinned. He wants Roland to forgive his mother as Roland wants his father to forgive him.

Steven takes the pink orb out of the bag and gazes into it wondering if he should break it to bits or... The orb transforms into a huge eyeball. Deschain quickly placed the pink grapefruit in a locked safe behind a mirror.

Justus received a note stating that Deschain has the ball. Steven Deschain should never have allowed Justus the spy to infiltrate the gunslingers. It will be the one mistake Steven made that will bring down Gilead.


The Dark Tower: Treachery #4 (of 6)
The Dark Tower: Treachery #4 (of 6)
The Dark Tower: Treachery #4 (of 6)
The Dark Tower: Treachery #4 (of 6)

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