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Treachery #5

The Dark Tower: Treachery #5 (of 6)

Roland watches Cuthbert and Alain discuss the coming festival when they will be awarded true gunslinger's guns and the girls their fathers will match them with. Roland tells them, "Enough!" Roland is aware of the dangers that lurk in the world and even in Gilead.

Returning to the fortress of Gilead, Roland tells Bert & Alain he will never move on from Susan Delgado. She declared her love for him as she burned on the Charyou tree and he will never betray that love.

Gabrielle Deschain overhears Roland's declaration of eternal love to Susan Delgado as she hides in the woods. There she meets with John Farson's nephew who gives her a poison dagger to be used to kill Steven Deschain and obtain the pink orb Steven has hidden in his safe. Gabrielle is to secure the key to the safe and present it to John Farson the Good Man when he arrives at Gilead.

Abel Vannay, the gunslingers' philosophy teacher, is a master riddler. He has completed the riddles for this evenings' feast. Cort tells Vannay he intends to win the contest.

Farson's nephew shows up in the hall and tells both Cort and Vannay that he will be the winner tonight because the old lion is done and it is time for a young lion to win.
As Vannay and Cort walk away, Vannay says that the new musician (Farson's nephew) would never have been allowed in the castle if Charles Champignon hadn't recommended him. Cort leaves Vannay to retrieve something he left in the hall.

Cort witnesses Kingson (Farson's nephew) switching Vannays' riddles for his own. What Cort does not know is why Charles Champignon, friend and member of Steven Deschains' dinh, recommended such a cheat and thief as Kingson.

We learn the horrible truth. Charles Champignon's pregnant wife was raped in front of him by Farson's men. Charles hung upside down on a tree as John Farson ripped the baby out of Charles' wife and left her to bleed to death. Farson licked the baby clean as Charles watched and as Charles lost his mind.

The ceremony proceeded and Steven Deschain presented Roland with the guns of Eld. After the presentation, Steven invites everyone to join the feast and celebrate the evening with riddles, dancing and music. Steven then notices Gabrielle. She thanks him for allowing her return. He asks her to join him for dancing later. She accepts and she excuses herself for some time to compose.

In the hall Gabrielle weeps and Kingson asks if she has weakened her resolve to act in the interest of the Good Man. She tells him she has not weakened and shows him the dagger that she is to kill Steven with while they... "are together as Man and wife..."

The Dark Tower: Treachery #5
The Dark Tower: Treachery #5
The Dark Tower: Treachery #5
The Dark Tower: Treachery #5

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