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Treachery #6

The Dark Tower: Treachery #6 (of 6)


Steven Deschain tries to put the celebration into a more festive mood. He asks his wife Gabrielle to dance. While they are dancing she asks him if he has forgiven her. He says he has. She then asks if she could come to his chambers tonight. He responds, "Absolutely. For you hold the key to my heart." Gabrielle winces as she is holding the key to the safe.

Roland felt he had to make the same effort as his father so he asked Aileen to dance. While dancing he tells her of Susan Delgado burning on the Charyou Tree and her dying words, "Roland, I love thee." They decided to go outside for some fresh air.

Vannay brings out the riddles. Kingson taunts Cort. Cort is ready because he saw Kingson switch the riddles.

Roland tells Aileen on their walk that his pain cannot be excised. There is one place, one power that can help him and it is The Dark Tower.

Cort and Kingson are the finalist in the riddling contest. Cort tricks Kingson because Kingson only knows the amateur answer. Cort knows the true master's answer. The book Kingson had borrowed the riddle from had the wrong answer.

Roland tells Aileen his plans to find the Dark Tower and "erase the plague that rots Mid-world's soul." They kissed. Initially Roland felt unfaithful to Susan. After he relaxed, they kissed a second time. Then they heard horrible screams from inside the castle. As Aileen and Roland rushed into the castle he saw his mother running down a hallway. Roland and Aileen saw that Cort had killed Kingson. Cort removes a signet ring from Kingson's pocket which identified him as one of John Farson's men.

Roland checks the safe and it was empty. He knew his mother had stolen the orb. He busted down her door and the pink ball was lying on her bed. Roland was entranced. Again. In the orb he sees the reflections of Rhea of the Coos coming up behind him to strangle him. He pulls his gun and shouts, "I aim with my eye! Shoot with my mind! Kill with my heart! Lest I forget the face of my --!" and he shoots his gun. He then sees he had shot his mother. Gabrielle holds a belt she had made for Roland with his name stitched in it. As she is holding the belt she falls to her knees and says, "Roland, I... I love the..."

The Dark Tower: Treachery #6 (of 6)
The Dark Tower: Treachery #6 (of 6)
The Dark Tower: Treachery #6 (of 6)
The Dark Tower: Treachery #6 (of 6)

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